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kyndall lee.

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FRIENDS ONLY. [23 May 2006|03:40pm]

[You can't read anything until you're my Friend.]
[[So add me.]]
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TOGA BIRTHDAY SHOW. [09 Apr 2006|03:07am]

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03.11.06 CretinPop!Show >>>SHELLSHOCK! [09 Mar 2006|12:55am]


whatta way to kick off spring break, eh?
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good weekend. i LOVE good weekends. [23 Jan 2006|12:49am]
p!ATD stuck in my head alll day.
starting to get annoying.
like some other stuff this weekend.

GO_ON with your //old// ditzy 'wit' - we don't NEED +ha+.Collapse )

wow. i could have never done this entry without kris.
holy crap.
thank you.
i couldnt remember who did what &on what day.
but he helped.

okay the end.
school tomarrow.
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01.28.06 SHOW [22 Jan 2006|02:24pm]


PLACE;; Cameron Park Pavillion
DATE;; January 28, 2006 [NEXT SATURDAY]
TIME;; 6PM-10/11PM
COST;; $5

Explitives [GutterPunks]
Poster Boy Material
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[16 Jan 2006|12:30am]
Life's been a bit more perky, I'd say.
Spur of the moment trips to austin with tookie, jonathon, sara, colby, etc.
Christmas break was long and short at the same time.
Funny how that works.

Everything is surprisingly good though despite how bad it actually is.
I suppose the new year is leaving me a positive effect.

Good freaking thing.

My class rank went up SIX.
AKA- my old rank was 14 / 95.6% (8th percentile)
& my NEW rank is now 8 / 97.5% (FIFTH percentile)
Which, need I remind you has been my goal since freshman year, the fifth percent that is.

OH! So since it's the new year, I should share with you my resolution for 2007?
Watching my money.
I have a terrible TERRIBLE habit of spending all my money (well not ALL) on food.
Fast food, dining out, vending maching, snack line@school, cafe mezzano, etc.
Sooooo. i've been keeping track of my money to see how much I actually spend on immediate pleasures like that.

I guess that's all.
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molly/panic!/church [08 Jan 2006|03:59am]
[ mood | tired ]

molly picked me up last night.
we went to brannans.

we're STill //so// YOUNG;; desperate_for A T T E N T I O NCollapse )

i burned 'Panic! At The Disco'.
i'm totally enjoying it right now.
Good CD.

church tomarrow. sooo happy.
sydni's mom is gonna come&pick me up.
therefore, i need to get to bed.

kay, bye.

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this is for juan and craig. [14 Dec 2005|05:14pm]

FOR JUAN && CRAIG !Collapse )

sorry about that, ya'lls gaggle names weren't working.
i don't know. but here you go.
[there i go rhymin again.]
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the notebook FObanner [21 Oct 2005|03:39pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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HaNDCuFFeD. [27 Sep 2005|11:34am]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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just some random pics of myself so i can add this entry to the sidebar... [30 Aug 2005|12:38pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

TRAPPED by p.r.e.t.t.y. //eyes//Collapse )

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F.R.I.E.N.D.S //ONLY// [18 May 2005|09:21am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

[comment to be added]
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[25 Apr 2005|02:14pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

yet another new layout.
[sorry to keep doing this- but my Fo banner just has to match my layout.]

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smoke-out banner. [19 Apr 2005|02:42pm]
[ mood | content ]

smoke out banner

new banner. to match my current layout.

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FRIENDS ONLY NOW. [10 Mar 2005|01:40pm]
friends only
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i dont wanna be anything other than what i been tryin to be lately. [29 Aug 2004|03:40pm]
[ mood | bored ]

ok so the gam was great. we won. lol of course. it was super fun thougha dn i got tot see alot of people. so many people were talkin about my party. it was awesome. and we just had a jolly good time. lol.

then friday night after the game, kasey and sid came over and megan was gonna, but bailed, and morgan was gonna, but got grounded. damn you morgan, always gettin grounded. lol and so then nik calls and is goin crazy because landon (her bf) is an asshole but she doesnt wanna dump him.. its complicated. but anyways, she was all pissed off and kept sayin how she just needed to get out of the house, so i told her to just come over and hang out with us. so she walked over to my house and us four were hangin out then kasey was gonna stay the night but her mom decided she didnt know me well enough so kasey went home and nik had to leave, she snuck out, so she couldnt stay the night. so me and sara hung out and then ccalled chris and he came over for a while (im not spost to have guys over if my parents are gone) but he was only over for like an hour, and come on, we all know chris is not an option for either me,or sara, so there was no worries. lol and we walked up to HEB sat on the side of the road eating ice cream out of the bucket two doors down from my house at 1 in the morning.... good times. and then chris left and me and sara came in , went to sleep.

and saturday morning we woke up at 9 to walk to see tommy at krispy kreme. we saw him, and he gets cooler everytime. lmao. i fuckin love him.

then we called around and decided to go to the mall. we left my house at about 12:30, picked up nik, and went to the mall. we met up with so many different people, seriously i saw so many people there i dont even remember the order of who was where and who all i talked to. but i saw/talked to cort, liz, sydney, casey, grant, brant, barrett, trent, todd, dani, nik, sara, jen, nathan, jordan, chris j, tony, maria, salem, rose, gahs i dont even know. it was off the hook. lol everyone was there yesterday. when i saw grant, (wow, you guys, hes fung gorgeous) he bought these new clothes, but i convinced him to buy a brown shirt.. i dont know what it is about brown shirts but omg..) and anyways, my mom was supposed to pick me up at 3, but i wanted to stay longer, so i called her and she said if i could get a ride home by 5:30, so cort says connor is pickin him up at 5, so he can gimme a ride, then connor doesnt sow until like, 6:20, so i was an hour late, but i explained to my mom that it wasnt my fault. but now, if i tell her connors pickin me up from anywhere, she wont let me go cuz she doesnt trust him. haha. oh well.

then i came home and it was just me and i was bored off my ass. then nik calls me and wants to stay the night, so she comes over and we are just hangin out here and shes complaining about landon (i swear, she needs to break up with that bitch so soon) then we walked back to her house to get some movies, and sierra called tom to rat on me (but i didnt even get in trouble, she did) haha and then we watched mr deeds and a time to kill and fell asleep.

sunday morning we woke up and walked to her house, drove to the mall to get their new apartment key from her mom and then went by their new place, and started hangin up posters and whatnot. then i got back here around 3. and let maddy paint my nails. hahah pretty damn good for a four year old. lol and then i got on the computer where i will be most of the night probably. poo. school starts again tommarow. oh well. and danis comin over pretty soon, shes gonna stay the night. so it shbe an interesting one.. damn, i still have to my homework. lol ok well im out you guys peace.

<333 kyndall

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hhhmmmmm [22 Aug 2004|10:34pm]
[ mood | tired ]

ok so im still grounded for the party. its ok though, i had a lot of fun so it was worth it. and all i got in trouble for really, was having some people over that i forgot to tell my mom about. i was allowed to have guys over as long as i asked and when connor, and all the pplw ith him came, i forgot to call my mom and ask about them. but my punishment stands at "no guys over unless my parents are home, until further notice" ehh i'll get over it. so no parties for a while. but its ok. czu school will keep me busy enough.

yesterday i woke up and got chewed out by my parents for the whoel aprty thing. but then they let me go to the movies with molly and rebecca (i was so happy to see them!!) and beau, and megan and morgan, and hambrick and his friend johnathon. i don't really know johnathon, but andrwe hambricks the coolest. we saw without a paddle. great movie. reminded me of what me molly and rebecca are gonna be like on our road trip to canada. lol

and then today, me and megan and morgan went to the movies again. haha and saw little black book. we were gonna see princess diaries 2, (i have a secret guilty pleasure for the first..haha sry guys, but i loved it) but we were late and just decided to see little black book. it was good. no happy ending, but it was so...real. so i liked it. and then we went to the store and then to this ladies house where i met this girl who knows connor and curtis brown and some other ppl. her name was alicia birch. i think...yeah, if any of you knwo her, comment please. and then um... we played at this park place lol while some crazy babys mama drama went on at this chicks house. i dunno, we tried not to get into it, then we left but the 666's tried to make me late, but they couldnt!! lol nvm long story.... so then i got home, and got on the computer of course, because i have nothing else better to do at my house when im alone.

hmmm schools tomarrow and i have no idea how im getting there, i think i mihgt have to ride the bus :( we'll see in the morning. )

ok im out. peace.


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My kick ass party [21 Aug 2004|12:35pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

alright alright! ahahha the party went well. VERY well. the kids were all here but we handled it pretty well and it was soo great. at first it was just me, dani, megan, samantha, johnathon, colton, tony, and cort. we were just chillin in my room havin a good time then dani and johnathon decided to attempt to sit in my chair ($150 leather one that tom gave me) and then they did some weird turn and dani tried to get him outta the chair, long story short, the chair snapped and broke. o was so pissed but it was so funny so i figured i'd laugh and relax and worry about feelin bad one tom finds out. so then johnathon thought he could sit in the chair still and then dani STEPPED on him. and then it really broke. it was so funny tho.we went to the backyard. cort, megan, tony, me, and samantha all went up into the treehouse because cort had some weed. dani, johnathon, and colton all stayed over on my patio playin basketball and skating or whatever. so cort and everyone in the tree house were getting high off their asses while i just watched. lol eeryone knows i dont smoke. i wont smoke. of course, cort tried to get me to many many times, but i wont. so anyways, it was samanthas first time, so that was kinda funny. and megan had smoked before, but the first time, no high (duh) the second time, just buzzed a little, and the third time, was here in the tree house with us. and she was sooo high it was hilarious. then we all came out of the treehouse and came inside for a little while. and all the people who were here i had asked my mom if they could come. so everything was ok and clear and i was in no trouble cuz we didnt even have alcohol (not sayin we didnt want any, the guy who usually gets it for us couldnt come. we were kinda pissed but still havin fun. and dani quit drinking, and i wasn't even planning on drinking so it wasn't too big of a deal. and then connor calls up cort and asked what was goin on. connor had brendan, robbie, brandon, carl, shannon, this other chick (i dont remember her name :-/ ) and then everyone went out back and was gettin drunk. well, some ppl were inside. and some ppl werent drinking at all. like me, johnathon, dani, megan, cort didnt drink i dont think, and shannon and that other chick didnt. im not sure about some of the people or not. but i know for sure that colton was, and connor, and brendan, and chris. definitly chris and colton the most. more than anyone. and then trey came over (yay!) i like trey, well not really, i just think hes hella cute. so trey came and he ws drinking too. and uh.. omg! chris was bein crazy. he's the most desperate guy i know for real. he would hit on any chick who he thought might be good at all. it was soo funny. i was tlaking to him and i sat on his lap and stuff and we were just talking (he was more drunk than anyone there, i think he came fuckin drunk. lol) and he was all like "kyndall you know i love you.. blahblahblah (more drunken babble) it was sooo funny. and connor was bein so cool cuz he ws just like "chris shut the fuck up leave kyndall alone dude" and i wa like "no its ok, this is kinda funny" then later on my deck he was sayin we should go to a room. i just laughed and was like "ok chris, if you can walk a straight line" it was soo cute cuz he tried so hard to. lmao but he couldnt and i was just like "oops, lost ur only chance, sry" hahaha it was great. then everyone was messin with him like connor pulled down his pants and said "hey chris kiss my ass im kyndall" and he did! lol it was fuckin hilarious. then we handcuffed him to my basketball goal. and...johnathon and dani stayed in my room 95% of the time. they werent messin around or anything, actually, hoookin up always happens at my parties, but this time, ahrdly any, i think the only ppl who got any action were connor's ass, and then oh yeah, samantha and brendan were makin out behind my shed all night. cort wanted some action from lorie, but he thought she didnt like him, (even though she totally does) so we're gonna have to hook them up another night. lol. chris got his ass kicked more that night than any other. lol. and i just had so much fun and i wasn't even drinking. it was great. im so glad megan and cort and morgan got o waco high, cuz they got the rumor about my party out quick, thats why so many more ppl showed. and colton, awww poor baby, it was his forst time to be drunk and he was messed up BAD he just kinda wandered around my backyard all night trying not to fall. we just kinda let him do his own thing tho. and when trey showed up he just started drinking right away. lol. it was cool. and he actually talked to me a little bit, i really wish he was more talkative.... anyways! lots more stuff ahppened that i just cant think about right now, and tyler told on me this morning of course (stupid little rats) my sibs werent even supposed to be over here. but i dunno, the arguement this morning is way to long for me to explain, and kinda pointless, but basically, it ended up with me not allowed to have guys over unless my parents are here until further notice. im hopin it wont last long though, and its ok, cuz i can still go places (i.e. koss parties lol)

but it was all worth it i guess. cuz it was the funnest night i've had all year. :-D

im out. any question, just comment and i'll answer them. peace out.

<333 kyndall

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poo. [19 Aug 2004|10:05pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

ok well i got some information today that at first, was a major downer, then it pissed me off and made me hate my siblings, then i talked to dani and i guess it wont be too bad. here's what i heard.... ok wait, first of all, to all of you who dont know, i have 3 younger step sibling who go to their mom's house every other weekend. and i only plan on having people over on the weekends their gone because they are all rats and would say stuff to my parents and thing would get blown out of proportion and yeah... so they were supposed to go to their moms this weekend, right? and then today i was chattin with my mom and i was like "yeah, some people are gonna come chill here tomarrow since the kids'll be gone and all" and she said that their mom was gonna be moving soon so she had all her stuff packed so shes not having them over this weekend. so i went through these stages. i was in total shock at first like "oh my gosh what am i gonna do? i cant just call everyone i know and tell them not to come" and then i was like "grrr i HATE being the oldest and always having to deal with these stupid little brats." and then i looked as sad as i possibly could so my parents would feel bad for me and maybe try to get the kids to stay somehwere else (i dont know what i was thinking, i had no other choice. i had to try SOMETHING" so of course, on cue, tom asks me whats wrong and i explained to him how i wanted people to come hang out with me tomarrow and that i couldnt do that if the kids were gonna be here and i could tell her felt bad about it so i dunno. and then him and my mom just dropped it. so then i went to the mall with megan for a while and got a new shirt form hot topic. its black with marilyn monroe on it in pink. its super cute. anyways... so i get home and bothe my parents are gone and i was super pissed cuz i was at least hoping my mom would be here so i could talk to her about the party and so i called dani and told her we're gonna have to call it off. which sucks so bad, but somehow... (god if i get in trouble for this... o jeez....anyways) somehow, she convinced me we can still manage to do it and whoever wants to drink/smoke, it can be done over by my tree house and everyone can just stay in the backyard and it'll be ok. but i dunno, cuz some of the best memories form my parties happened in my living room or on my bed (lol) but i dunno, i guess it'll be ok for us to keep everyone outside. it'll be alright, but we gotta keep the kids INSIDE that'll be the biggest problem i guess. but oh well. we'll figure it out. so.... wow i wrote way too much.

at school today nothing too exciting happened. except when there was a shooot out downtown and the suspect was stilll "loose in the area" so we had to lock all the classroom doors and stay off the phones. none of the kids could call their parents and say "omg omg omg moomy i KNEW i shoulda gone to tca, instead of this GHETTO school!!!" lol thats what mr porter said at least. man that guy cracks me up. ummm jonathan asked out dani, and she thought he was kidding (cuz shes dumb sometimes lol) so she just walked away!! poor johnathan. and nameless girl likes nameless boy ... and he likes her back but i cant say who. i promised. lol man i love this. anyways and ummm... this school really need hotter guys., the only guys who like me are all total dorks. lol :( theres this junior who likes me in my 7th period *gag* not cute at all. but ugh. it sucks. lol. trey's cute....but quite. :( this one guy is hot... but a jerk. brinas cute...but gay (man there are more gay/bi guys at ajm than any other school i swear. its so funny) johnathan...cute but likes dani. so basically those are the only cute guys at the school. im destined to date outside my school i guess. cuz all my options are taken. haha

sooo yeah/. my life is getting boring now. oh well. back to mindless rumors of whos seeing who and whos gettin knocked up. lol party tomarrow. come! just call me, this is ur official invite. lol. 776-0920 :)

<333 kyndall

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back to my routine life.... [18 Aug 2004|08:49pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

ok well i went to school again today and talked to some ppl about my party in a few days. im not sure if alot of ppl are gonna show up or anything but oh well. we'll find out eventually

my life is getting so routine again. its good i guess but the weekends will still be my favorite parts of the week. everyday my day goes about like this---- wakeup-get ready for school-go to school-go out to eat or to the skateshop or somewhere fun until 6-go home-babysit-chores-computer/phone-shower-bed.

but today we just hung out and met some new people. all my teachers are so great. i got to go hang out at the skate shop with dani and kasey (sp?) after school at the skateshop and i'll probably go up there again tomorrow.

im out. bye.

<333 kyndall

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