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back to my routine life....

ok well i went to school again today and talked to some ppl about my party in a few days. im not sure if alot of ppl are gonna show up or anything but oh well. we'll find out eventually

my life is getting so routine again. its good i guess but the weekends will still be my favorite parts of the week. everyday my day goes about like this---- wakeup-get ready for school-go to school-go out to eat or to the skateshop or somewhere fun until 6-go home-babysit-chores-computer/phone-shower-bed.

but today we just hung out and met some new people. all my teachers are so great. i got to go hang out at the skate shop with dani and kasey (sp?) after school at the skateshop and i'll probably go up there again tomorrow.

im out. bye.

<333 kyndall
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